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Pre Order | Cultivate : LENGTH

Pre Order | Cultivate : LENGTH

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$39.00Sale Price

Cultivate is all natural hair growth serum designed to cultivate thick, healthy, beautiful hair. This product increases hair growth, in less time, while encouraging length retention.


This product is also great for rehabilitating dry brittle, unhealthy, thinning and even balding hair due to alopecia and its cousins.



  • keratin, biotin, collagen, Hydrochloric acid, black castor (small amounts) oil, pumpkin seed oil, peppermint oil, emu oil, flax seed oil, carrot 🥕 oil, ginseng , apple extract, millet seed extract, fermented black rice  oil, liquid sea moss.



  • Elevated stress levels cause testosterone and estrogen, the female sex hormone, to become unbalanced in women, which causes DHT to trigger androgenic alopecia. This can happen before menopause, with other hormonal conditions, or by things like a hysterectomy which throws off our natural hormonal state. SEE CULTIVATE/ RESTORATION for a targeted solution for this specific condition.

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