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My name is LaOta Rassoull, I am a 39 year old mother of three teenagers; 19/17/14 and founder of
"Beauty Becomes Hers". My unique upbringing developed a natural appreciation for my own skin, hair, nails, and body that I saw missing from the women as well as girls in the world around me. This generated a passionate desire to show women all over the world what I see, when I look at them...when I look at me.  
I have been educated in health and wellness since I was a young child by a beautiful mother who used her knowledge of homeopathic plant & food medicine to heal everything from fibroids to cancer in her clients.

I have seen her prevent autism in small children and even cure eczema, and have personally reaped the benefits of my mother's knowledge, experience and inherited both my parents compulsive desire to help people.

My early education in homeopathic healing coupled with my study of metaphysical psychology, and personal life mission to help women all over the world feel exalted and beautiful "naturally" have culminated into this company "Beauty Becomes Hers"

Beauty Becomes Her's is dedicated to the promotion of all things naturally beautiful. Here we will set a new standard and expectation of beauty. We will explore unique ways to shape ourselves into the version of us, we truly desire to be! Thus releasing all former confines of beauty that have held us captive for so long. 

 - The Queen Maker


My Story


We are passionately dedicated to the recognition, preservation and cultivation of natural beauty.


We want women to recognize how incredibly magnificent we are in our natural form, and begin to enhance the confidence and self esteem that we ideally want to embody.


We recognize the outside influences that have shaped our views of beauty. The movie stars, music artists and social media influencers have become our false idols. So many women use these outside influences as a benchmark for their own beauty and unfortunately that is a never ending cyclical battle that is impossible to satisfy. 

Alternatively we encourage you to embrace who YOU are, your unique physical attributes and to love the version of you, that stares back at yourself in the mirror when you first wake up. Before you put on your face", without the added hair, nails, or other enhancements, before you adorn yourself with accessories and clothing, when it's just you. We want you to love what you see and how you feel!


Wherever you are in your personal journey. You can't be anywhere else, in this moment so it's the perfect place to begin. We will cultivate your mind, your ideal body, skin, hair and nails and when we are done, you will have a new found almost divine level of appreciation for YOU!


Beauty Becomes Hers is in the development stage of a product line designed to support and enhance natural beauty, constructed free of any harmful ingredients and based in food medicine.


We will then add our mobile services to our beauty cultivation products; we will nurture your hands, your feet, your body, your skin, and your mind, all while growing your strands.


We will provide an avenue to increase your confidence, self love and over all well-being.

Our carefully designed services and programs are being created to help you become your ultimate, most beautiful self. 




phone : 239.476.2188

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