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Pre Order | Cultivate : RESTORATION

Pre Order | Cultivate : RESTORATION

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Cultivate Restoration is all natural hair growth serum designed to restore hair growth in Men suffering from male pattern baldness and Women suffering from alopecia. The root causes for both conditions are ultimatley the same.


This serum is meant to be used in conjunction with a diet high in protein and specific dietary supplements that target the cause of hair loss. See BLACK HAIR KULTURE for complete list of at home therapies.



  • keratin, biotin, collagen, saw palmetto, pygeum bark, stinging nettle leaf, hydrochloric acid, emu oil, apricot oil, ginseng, pumpkin oil, peppermint oil, Flax seed oil, fermented black rice oil, liquid sea moss.



  • Early onset and most forms of male pattern baldness is due to overactive testosterone caused by stress. Your body over-compensates when exposed to stressors by producing more testosterone to help you overcome, what your body is reading as danger. You however are not meant to constantly react to stress in our environments as though you are being chased by dinosaurs or something is trying to eat our face.

    Your body does not know the difference between stress due to daily traffic and stress caused by actual danger. The heightened testosterone levels cause out of balance levels of DHT hormone (dihydrotestosterone) which blocks nutrients from getting to the hair follicle, causing it to minimize and shrink.

    Even completely bald Men still have over 100,000 hair follicles that can be reactivated to restore their hair.

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