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Women all over the World suffer in silence; from low self esteem, lack of self confidence and constantly questioning their self worth. We see this expressed in they way women stay in relationships that are emotionally or physically abusive, we see this in the way women don't speak up or walk away from jobs paying their male counterparts more. We see this in the way women feel that they can't leave the house without make-up or other enhancements. We see this in the way women speak about themselves and we have seen the results of this suffering upon our daughters who have begun to reflect the same lack of self esteem inherent in their mothers. This is big part of the reason I created this program.

We identify these issues as wanting to lose weight, needing make-up, weaves, wigs, fake lashes, or fake nails in order to feel more beautiful, feeling unworthy or not confident enough to ask for or demand what we want out of our partners, jobs or life, and in extreme cases feeling that getting our entire body done is the solution to all of our self esteem problems. Here's the thing though it isn't. SELF esteem comes from the inside not because of something we do to ourselves.


"BEAUTY EMBODIED" exists to be the catalyst for change for some many women world wide! In this program, we learn to love our bodies, adore ourselves and fall madly in love with the naturally beautiful version of us!

"Beauty Embodied " ?




The Story Behind...

"Beauty embodied"


"Beauty Embodied " 


The TRANSFORMATION we want occurs when we combine 4 critical ingredients:

These 4 ingredients when present simultaneously, will be the catalyst for any change you want in your life or business.


#1 BELIEF: You must believe it’s possible for you! There is no way around it. But there is a way to cheat your lack of belief, by applying the other 3 ingredients/components of transformation; it will actually result in you believing it's possible for you! Can you think of anything in your life, that you thought was too hard or  was impossible until you tried it or someone else did and proved it could be done? This same principle was applied.


#2 ENVIRONMENT SHIFT: Is absolutely essential to any transformation, because we are products of our environments more than we are anything else. So your environment creates/produces thoughts, which create feelings, which inspire actions. This is a symbiotic style relationship. "The true secret behind every confident, powerfully beautiful Woman you have ever seen or even heard of is their environment! They either were born into, or have since cultivated an environment that supports how they want to see themselves instead of one that constantly reinforces any perception of lack.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Your environment should include access to the necessary information to achieve your desired results. Do you think that if you hung around, became friends with, or shared the same environment with; someone who is very wealthy, happy & free; that you may just pick up on some of that magic?

That maybe it could rub off on you and that it may elevate your experience?

There is a good reason for the saying; that you are the sum total of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Environment is the difference between the next serial killer & the person who will create a cure for cancer.


#3 ACTION: If there is one thing that is consistent with all of my clients that has produced a block for them in growth, o