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Seacret has packaged the Dead Sea into the most advanced proprietary formulation, creating an unmatched line of face, skin and body products.  Seacret holds three registered patents and has four additional patents pending.


The collagen in our skin is made up of long chains of amino acids strung together like a chain of linked building blocks. When one of the chains is broken down, 3-5 amino acids from somthing called peptides. These act as a signal to tell your skin it has been damaged and to make new collagen. Seacrets Age-Defying Collection contains unique peptides that stimulate your skins ability to produce more collagen, while reducing fine lines caused by expressions.


Recover is the name Seacret has given the anti-aging technology, a patented technology that Instanly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing long term results. Studies done for the Recover formula were conducted in the best labs in the world. These studies show immediate meaning 2 hours or less decrease in wrinkle depth of up to 44%, and a 50% decrease after 28 days of use.


The Mud produced from the banks of the Dead Sea is world-renowned because of its healing capabilities. Its is known for reducing stress, relieving aching and tight muscles, and easing rheumatic pains. The organic Black mud is made up of layers of soil from the surronding mountains and silt from the waters of the Jordan River and nearby hot springs. As the rich silt and soil meet and combine at the Dead Sea, they sink deep into the lake. This mineral rich mud is ideal for relieving chronic inflammation and helps moisturize and revitalize cracked and dry skin. Because of this, Seacret has incorporated Dead Sea mineral mud into the product lines soaps and shampoo.


The Dead Sea is considered Natures Fountain of Youth!


Now you can experience what ancient beauties did to naturally retain their youthful, healthy skin. Treat yourself to the minerals from the biggest most natural beauty Spa in the World with Seacret.

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