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Straight vs Natural Hair

Hello Beauties!

It is my goal with this Blog to incite healthy dialogue and action towards achieving our individual beauty goals.

But most importantly to help shape a new view and concept of beauty itself...

That being said, I figured a great place to start would be the controversial topic of straight vs. natural hair styles.

I want to cover as many angles and viewpoints on this subject as possible. Being a busy professional Woman who also happens to be a single mother of three children, I will be the first to admit straight hair has been my go to style for ease.

It is also considered "more professional" for some reason.

Take this article from the Daily Wildcat for example, Column: "Curly hair shouldn't be associated with a lack of professionalism"

But is straight hair really more professional? Where does the idea of professional looking hair derive from? Who set that standard? More importantly are we okay with that being the "standard"?

I am going to leave that right there and move on...

I have personally noticed a considerable increase in attention from the opposite sex when my hair is straight vs. natural. If that's what you're into, let's explore why that may be the case, on the general assumption I am not the only Woman who has experienced this phenomenon.

1. Easy to run your fingers through

2. Usually appears Shinier (who doesn't like shiny objects)

3. Low maintenance (maybe it takes less time to get ready)

4. Appears Longer (Natural hair women know the shrinkage struggle is real)

5. Is this straight hair obsession by chance the result of media cultivated views of what's considered beautiful?

Natural Hair on TV

I must admit, overall in the last few years I have seen more commercials and Ad's with beautiful natural haired women than in the past. In my humble opinion this is good, it is beginning to diversify the images impressed upon our brains of beauty; hopefully and especially for the next generation.

But what about us maybe late 20's and up women who may not have had those positive images of our own naturally beautiful hair growing up?

What if, our idols and examples of beauty looked less like us and more socially acceptable at that time? Not just straight hair, but maybe even longer hair than what we may have seen growing from our heads...what if those images have imprinted on our subconscious and we aspire to pattern ourselves after them, to what we may consider a reasonable degree?

I digress...

Is one better or worse than the other? Is one healthier than the other either mentally or physically?

I am a strong believer that almost anything is okay in moderation, and I will also admit moderation is not typically my strong suit lol.

There are several factors that have to be weighed to answer the above question, number one in my book would be the women's personal goals for her hair.

What is right for one women, is not always right for the next, so for example if you are not really concerned with length or growing your hair that may be one reason to err on the side of straight hair as the practical standard.

If you aren't too particular on keeping your natural curls intact, this might also be a option that seems most reasonable.

If this style is more socially acceptable at your place of business that may also sway your decision.

On the other hand if hair growth, maintaining your Natural curl pattern or if you are simply one of those women who give the middle finger to the establishment and have no interest in appeasing what may be socially acceptable to others, more Natural styles may be in your future.

This subject is so complex because there is no right or wrong here, simply what works for each individual person. The beauty about hair is for most people, if what worked for you a few years ago no longer serves you, it's never to late to make a change.

I will share my own personal experience on straight vs natural hair in the next post. I have personally chosen what I believe to be a nice happy medium between the Natural and Straight style choices. One reason is my goal of waist length hair (currently middle of my back length, see below)

To be continued...

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