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This page offers several best practices for Men looking to cultivate natural hair restoration!

Early onset and most forms of male pattern baldness is due to overactive testosterone caused by stress. Your body over-compensates when exposed to stressors by producing more testosterone to help you overcome, what your body is reading as danger. You however are not meant to constantly react to stress in our environments as though you are being chased by dinosaurs or something is trying to eat our face.


Your body does not know the difference between stress due to daily traffic and stress caused by actual danger. The heightened testosterone levels cause out of balance levels of DHT hormone (dihydrotestosterone) which blocks nutrients from getting to the hair follicle, causing it to minimize and shrink.

Even completely bald Men still have over 100,000 hair follicles that can be reactivated to restore their hair.

Cultivate/:Restoration has been created to treat this hormone imbalance and repair the nutrient deprivation it causes topically. The reason many fail in regrowing hair loss due to male pattern baldness is; they approach fixing this issue from only one angle. You will see below that we recommend 4 different therapies, when used simultaneously create the perfect cultivated environment for hair restoration.

Salmon Fillet



Proper nutrition is key in reversing male pattern baldness. This affliction is caused by the starvation of the hair follicle. Therefore a big part of the solution is to feed our follicles the proper nutrients.

  • Increase amino acids in diet : These foods include spinach, white mushroom, kale, etc. Foods rich in lycopene such as tomatoes, watermelons, carrots, and mangoes naturally block DHT production.

  • Increase Biotin-rich foods in diet :  like berries, liver, legumes, oily fish, and bananas.

  • Add more protein : like eggs, 🥚 salmon 🍣, quinoa , legumes & beans. You can add blackened salmon & boiled egg to a salad 🥗 for example. 

  • Boost Keratin rich foods to your diet: with vegetables like 1. sweet potatoes 2. mushrooms  🍄 3. onions 🧅 4. Turkey 5. Kale 🥬 6. Garlic 🧄 7. Mangoes 🥭 8. Carrots 🥕 9. Seeds & Nuts 🌰




Supplemental Nutrition is just as important in reversing male pattern baldness. What actually causes the starvation of the hair follicle is an over production of hormones. This must be targeted and reversed to see the maximum results.

  • Living green Men’s Multi-Vitamin & Mineral : contains all of the following critical ingredients to balance the specific hormones that cause male pattern baldness : stinging nettle ✔️ green tea ✔️ saw palmetto ✔️ Zinc ✔️ Selenium ✔️

  • Prime MD : Liquid Biotin, Keratin, Saw Palmetto & Collagen Formula: This tincture is a great way to boost levels of these essential nutrients in addition to adding the foods to your dietary spectrum.

    These exact recommended products have been gathered and placed together for your 

     ease. click button below for access. 

Meditating on the Beach



Stress Reduction is vitally important because the elevated testosterone levels which cause early onset male pattern baldness are caused by internal and external stressors.


#1 Meditate #2 Use the holy grail frequency #3 Get more sleep 

#4 Identify when you are feeling stressed or anxious + very conscious of your stress levels or any feelings of anxiety.


That fight or flight impulse; is primal and goes back to prehistoric ages, however we are not being chased by dinosaurs 🦕 lol and your body isn’t designed to operate under stress continuously. It’s meant as a warning ⚠️ sign. So MEDITATION 🧘‍♂️ is going to be very helpful!


 Before you start your day for 15-20min is enough plus getting more sleep.

Meditation actually lengthen’s telomeres which are the part of our cellular DNA structure that deals with longevity. It also adds additional grooves to the brain. Like learning does.



Hair Care is very essential and often over looked for men.

Here are our best practices:

  • #1 CULTIVATE RESTORATION:  Use product 2x daily morning and before bed.

  • #2 Stimulate scalp after exfoliating the scalp by; scratching scalp, brushing, massaging your scalp 2x daily for 3-5min. This helps to improve scalp circulation; you could also use a massager.

  • #3. Get some mayo from Whole Foods or the healthy side of the grocery store. Look for mayo made with Avocado oil vs canola and use it as a hair mask for 20min at least, but sleeping in it, is better with a clear caps to prevent mess. It will stop the shedding cold!

  • #4 Use "BLACK HAIR KULTURE" when styling.

  • #5 If at all possible let your hair grow out in and around the areas you are seeing thinning. 

  • #6 Hair Cuts: get an edge up but let your hair grow. Do not let the barber push your hair line back, when doing a line up.  

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