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This portal was created as a support mechanism for the FREE 14 day "Ideal You" challenge. We want to make it easy for you to access the challenge details and resources.


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Reforge Your Flaws

Phase #1 is to get all caught up! I hosted 3 lives leading up to this challenge that provide very useful information for you in your "Ideal You" Journey. You can access them here:

Live#1    |   Live #2     |  Live #3 


1. Drink Water

2. Reforge Your Flaws!

*For Melaluca items mentioned in the video, reach out to me directly for a special invite*



Change Your Environment

The secret behind any ultra confident person you've ever seen is their environment. They were born into/raised into or have since cultivated an environment that supports how they want to see themselves vs any perception of lack.

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Ideal You Challenge.png
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This challenge is an extremely powerful tool designed to help you recognize all the support that is available to you, if you just start asking for it! It will also help lessen or eliminate the un-comfortability with expressing your needs and desires vs focusing solely on what others need from you.

Ask fir something unreasonable!



Decide how you want the World to view you!

We set the tone for how others view us. Unfortunately no one told us that lol. As a result we have been taking our cues from the people around us, the media and constantly adjusting ourselves to fit in or please the World. This is backwards and with this challenge we start reversing this narrative in our lives.

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This anybody sometimes lol? 

Often life feels somewhat oppressive with all the responsibilities and expectations on us as women. Especially Mothers. I’d venture to say it at times, it feels like the world 🌎 is on our shoulders for most of us, even if you have a partner; but as a single mom for sure. 

Sometimes you feel like you know what “let’s skip life today lol I’ll get back at you tomorrow 😂”.

There’s this pressure to be a certain way, look a certain way, be certain things for certain people, so that they will feel better.

So today we’re not exactly going to skip life lol but I want you to release all that bullshit for at least just today and be here for you: 

1. Get someone to watch the children or tell them you’re taking a self-care day, if they are older and get yourself situated like the toddler in the photo lol. 

2. Disconnect from anything that makes you feel rushed, or like you have to be turned on and ready for action at the drop of a dime. 

3. I want you to mediate and release any pinned up anxiety you’ve been carrying about whatever has been stressing or worrying you. I want you to reassure yourself that, it will all work out for you. It always has, it always will.



4. Cry if you need to, release anything you’ve been mentally holding onto that doesn’t feel good to you when you think about it. About yourself, your circumstances, relationships, job or children. 

5. Today I want you to do as little for anyone else as humanly possible and do anything  you can for yourself, to feel good. This could mean finally getting to do absolutely nothing or it could mean mani/pedis or a spa day. Today is about nurturing you. Inside and out. Today you are only allowed to eat food that makes you feel good, satisfied and comforted. Don’t just eat what’s there, handy or around, eat only what makes you feel excited when you think about it. It’s okay if it’s full of sugar today lol 

Today we release, we reconnect with us, we nurture us. The world will be just fine…even if we aren’t running it for 24hrs. If you can’t do this today and have to schedule it for another day during the 14Day challenge that’s perfectly fine. It’s just important to have/experience this day. 

You are beautiful 😍, You are Loved 🥰, You are admired, You are sought after. You are Magical 🦄, You are Powerful💥! Never forget that!

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This is an area requiring serious consideration and self evaluation. Compliments are opportunities to help us reaffirm our own inner self esteem investment. But too often we dismiss completely, deny or waste these precious gems instead of harnessing the power they represent.

How do you handle compliments?


Self Talk!


How we speak to ourselves is much more important than how we speak to others. We typically emphasis the latter though. "Self Talk" is responsible for so much suffering and is so often overlooked.

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Ideal You Challenge.png
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Check in


This challenge was designed to get you present in your mind, body and emotions and actually check in with yourself to see how you are feeling in this program and what if any directional adjustments are needed to ensure you get the most from this challenge.


What is your Super Power?


This challenge is designed to identify what makes you special and unique in life. You have a super power, let's highlight it and glorify it! This will really help you begin to see yourself in the way you truly are vs through flaw or lack colored lenses.

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Ideal You Challenge.png
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Thirst Trap Thursday!

This challenge is designed to be a FUN reminder to you and everyone else how beautiful you are!

Feel free if you are married or in a relationship to do what Will Smith did and put your s/o as the final image mean mugging all the folks checking you out lol! 

But regardless have FUN with this ladies



Transform in 4 steps

What characteristics have you seen maybe in others that you would like to adopt? 

Identify what it would take to become whatever that is. 

List out the action steps to get there.


Then ask yourself are you willing to commit to the process. If the answer is yes, you are going to embody the version of you that already is that way. And begin to take the steps in that direction. 

This Exercise is designed to teach you that transformation is really a result of your willingness to implement 4 key 🔑 factors:


1. Identification of what is desired & the path to get there
2. The willpower & commitment to the desired outcome 
3. Focus on the goal while embodying it 
4. Action in that direction. 

I never want you to feel again like something is out of reach. So by doing a simple exercise like this with something that you want, which is not physical, it’s gonna take some of the pressure off but once you can show yourself that you can do this, you can successfully apply the same for principles to anything that you want! 

Enjoy this ladies! 



What feels good?

This challenge is designed to identify easy ways to help you shift out of not feeling good. When you have a process and tools to call upon, it makes any area of life easier to navigate. 

Below ⬇️ is the Holy Grail Frequency: Episode #11 of:

The Claim Your Crown Podcast mentioned in the challenge video: 

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Ideal You Challenge.png
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What do you appreciate?

This challenge is designed to refocus your attention and awareness from what is missing or feels lackful to what is abundant and beautiful! This simple exercise will elevate your appreciation of YOU!



Self Assessment

This challenge is designed to assess where are you still stuck or stagnant? What areas you feel an improvement in? What do you feel like you still need help with to feel closer to your "IDEAL YOU"?

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What's Next?

"Beauty Embodied"

The FREE 14 Day "Ideal You" was created to generate belief in the transformation that is possible for you in any area of life by providing tangible results in a short period of time. Results are inevitable to those who really invest in themselves and actively participate.


"BEAUTY EMBODIED" was created as an extension of this program to keep the positive momentum going and to expand on what we started in this challenge.

Beauty Embodied is an "Immersive Transformational Hub ".

Click the button below to learn if this program is an ideal fit for your transformation goals!

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