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One day SOME 50 years ago, MARY KATHLYN WELLS KNOW TODAY AS MaryKay was working for a direct selling company that preceded the company WE KNOW  as Tupperware.  


ONE EVENING she was ATTENDING a party AT ANOTHER WOMAN'S HOME and noticed the hostess passing around some little jars with misspelled labels. 


After listening to SEVERAL WOMEN IN ATTENDANCE talk about themselves their families, children and ages, she realized that each woman there looked A minimum OF ten years younger than they actually were. 


MaryKay had to know what was producing those results! 


MaryKay asked the hostess what on earth she was passing around in those TINY jar'S? 




THE HOSTESS explained that her father was a tanner who recognized after years of working with the compounds used in tanning, that his hands looked ALMOST 20 years younger than his face.  


He then realized he really had something people would want.  The Tanner adjusted his formula to be gentle enough for women’s skin and started selling it as an Anti-aging formula.  


Needless to say MaryKay purchased the formula from the family of the Tanner & started her MARYKAY Business.



Tanning is a Process of treating skins to produce Leather, which is more durable and less susceptible to decomposition.  


The word tanning draws its name from the compound “Tannin” named after an old German word for Oak or Fir Trees from which the compound was derived.

Essentially decomposition is the same as aging, what if you could make your skin more durable and less susceptible to aging?  Isn’t that what most women would love?


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