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                       All About Age Spots and Skin Discoloration

Q: How can TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence help my skin?
A: Dark spots and skin discolorations are two telltale signs of too much sun exposure and aging skin. These factors can activate pigment-producing cells that form melanin, which eventually travels to the surface of the skin and causes freckles, dark spots and uneven coloration. TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence is clinically shown to restore skin's natural, even tone in as little as four weeks. Formulated with our patent-pending Lucentrix® complex, it helps reduce visible dark spots and skin discoloration.


Q: Does TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence benefit all skin tones?
A: Yes. The multifunctional Lucentrix® complex in this product was formulated to work on all skin tones, including ivory, beige and bronze, and all skin types. If you have skin imperfections such as age spots or damage due to sun exposure, you'll see improvements in the evenness of your skin with regular use. If you have bronze skin and experience dark spots or hyperpigmentation, you'll also see improvements with regular use.


Q: Should I use sunscreen in addition to TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence?
A: Absolutely. TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence does not contain a sunscreen. To help prevent further damage to your skin, it's essential to use an SPF product such as TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35.*

Q: How long will it take to see an improvement in my skin?
A: Damage to the skin doesn't happen overnight, and neither does the process to restore it. Some who useTimeWise® Even Complexion Essence may see results in as little as four weeks; others may have to wait longer to see results. With continuous, consistent use twice a day, you should see a more radiant, even complexion over time, especially if you add this product to your comprehensive, age-fighting skin care program, such asTimeWise® skin care.

Q: How does TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence fit into my skin care routine?
A:  For best results, you should apply TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence to your entire face and neck in the morning prior to applying sunscreen or moisturizers, such as TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35.* In the evening, you should apply it prior to applying any moisturizers or treatment products, such as TimeWise® Night Solution.



84% of panelists experienced a more even skin tone.*

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