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Food Lifestyle Habits GUIDE

In this free resource guide we begin to help you to create sustainable health enhancing lifestyle habits to allow you to extend your life, look younger and do so disease free. We don't believe in diets, we know they are fleeting, typically unsustainable and therefore cause unnecessary stress on our minds and bodies.

Instead we offer you:


 Fiber-fueled. Alkaline-based. Culture-focused. Thought elevated. Sprout-enhanced. Lifestyle of eating.

Below we will discuss your beliefs and relationship with food mentally and physically, addressing the common patterns that cause unhealthy weight retention and dis-ease. In this guide you will learn how to promote longevity and overall well-being. Enjoy!

Fresh Ingredients

MINDSET & Processes:

MINDSET & Processes:

MINDSET & Processes:

  • Establish your why…ie: lose weight, live longer, be healthier, insulate yourself against diseases, empower your children to make the best habits and choices around eating and lifestyle through your example etc.

  • Allow yourself a designated cheat day once or twice a week = You are not depriving yourself of anything there is no sacrifice here.

  • Everything you choose to eat, do so intentionally and in joy. Do not eat anything thinking you shouldn’t be eating it or it’s bad for you. 

  • Pay attention ⚠️ to when you are actually full and when your are eating out of emotional stress, boredom or because it’s simply there. Some people have lingering habits that derived from childhood, like "you must clean your plate" which subconsciously has programmed you to eat beyond your threshold of hunger. 

  • Focus upon the feeling of satisfaction plus the feeling being nourished and energized instead of simply full. This will help you determine foods that actually feel good to eat as well as taste good.

  • Do not worry about counting calories. Instead focus on the quality of what’s being ingested and increase your fiber intake.  

  • What has now been referred to as intermittent fasting, I've  been doing my entire life. I generally fast for 16 hours most days, which sounds a lot scarier than it is; if you count sleep and skipping breakfast you are basically there. Traditional wisdom states, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In reality it isn't even close. You don't have to skip breakfast, you can eat early in the day then fast the last 16 hours until the next morning. You give yourself an 8hr window to eat within, vs the typical three meal a day framework. I don't need nor want three meals a day and you will likely find you don't either, when you are in-tune with what your body is actually communicating with you vs simply following societal norms. The benefits of intermittent fasting range from weight-loss, improved insulin regulation, cellular repair, disease protection, and muscle gain. 

  • Your belief about what you are doing is essential to success in any endeavor. It’s actually infinitely more important than any physical actions you take. If you believe that you have finally done enough to have the body you want then you psychologically communicate via neuro transmitters to your body that it can now lose weight etc. If you don’t believe you are doing enough you will similarly communicate neurologically to your body that it has to work harder, so hold on to the fat. It’s like when you fast; your body believes you are going into a famine and as a defense mechanism it begins storing fat to keep you alive. Your body is brilliant and responds to your thoughts more than your actions. Our belief’s about anything matter immensely because they literally create our physical realities. 

  • You are no longer allowed to look at yourself in the mirror 🪞 with disappointment. It’s incredibly important that you choose to acknowledge progress is being made even if you don’t see it yet. “I’m on the way to my ideal body” “it’s only a matter of time”. Your results are intensified if you are willing to take a few minutes to close your eyes and see the version of you that you want to be, standing there. This is another way to bypass your conscious mind and trick your subconscious into communicating to your body that it has already achieved and or is in the process of achieving your desired body goal.

PHYSICAL Processes:

PHYSICAL Processes:

PHYSICAL Processes:

  • Instead of working out 🏋️‍♀️ to lose weight - enjoy physical activities that are fun for you.

  • If working out is fun then only do it, if you can enjoy it. 

  • Replace sugar with : Lakanto  or Agave -  Throw away all sugar in the house! Lakanto is made from Monk fruit and is a fermented sweetener ; multiple times sweeter than sugar. 

  • Replace beer with Kombucha. Kombucha was known as the immorality Elixir boasting so many health benefits, including weight-loss, improved gut health and defense against disease.    

  • Replace rice with quinoa cooked with bone broth. Bone broth is a great weight-loss tool + provides a significant amount of calcium and other nutrients.

  • Replace pasta 🍝 with veggie spirals or quinoa pasta. 

  • Replace regular bread with sprouted sour dough bread and/or Ezekiel raisin bread.  

  • Replace milk 🥛 with Almond milk, or Coconut milk (not from can) 

  • Replace regular cheese with goat and nut cheeses. Goat cheese is alkaline in the body.

  • Replace soda with Kombucha (Soda is a huge cause of weight gain)

  • Choose snacks that are healthier : plantain chips, fruits, guacamole 🥑 , seaweed, hummus etc 

  • Increase fiber intake. 

  • Replace regular coffee with “Bio Coffee ☕️” available in our 14 Day "IDEAL YOU" Challenge Kit!

  • Drink more water add lemon 🍋 water when feasible to break down any mucus weight + alkalize. 

  • Take more salt baths, especially after your monthly cycle for cleansing purposes but a hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30 min walk, while moderating blood sugar levels.

  • intermittent fasting see above has sooo many health benefits in addition to weight regulation.

  • Fermented foods are life and longevity and sugar is death & disease. 🦠 

  • RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS : 1. digestive enzymes & probiotics  | 2. liquid Chlorophyll ( the literal blood of plants is able to help the body substitute iron and rebuild the blood) | 3. Multi Vitamin & Mineral | Wheatgrass (reverses gray hair + other health benefits ) | 4. Sea Moss (improves thyroid health, regulates blood pressure, purifies the blood, rids the body of mucous, improves health of hair, skin and nails, and boots the immune system protecting you against contagions) Click here for the exact supplements we use and recommended.

  • For best results and help with this new lifestyle change join the 14 DAY "IDEAL YOU" Challenge.

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